November 7, 2017

High School Fundraising Made Simple


High School Fundraising Made Simple

Whether you’re funding new football equipment or building the coffers for your theater program, high school fundraising is often essential. The good news is that with some hard work and innovative ideas you can raise a significant sum and build your school programs all year. Whether you’re asking for donations or selling ad space or other goods, these school fundraising ideas and tips will come in handy.

Looking for Sponsorships

Sponsors are often willing to donate money to your cause if they can get advertising out of the deal. This makes sponsorships a no-brainer fundraising idea! Offer to hang a banner with the sponsor’s name in your auditorium, or put their name on the back of all your event flyers. Being known as a sponsor for your school team or troupe can build a positive image for a local business, so it’s a win-win. Approach sponsors who have an investment in the community, such as locally owned restaurants near the school or stores where students buy a lot of equipment. Create a concrete plan for where and how often the sponsor’s brand will be displayed before approaching them.

Holding Creative Events

It’s easier to lure in sponsors and other donors if you give them a chance to get involved. When donors can meet the students they will be helping, they gain a larger emotional investment in the cause. Not sure where to start? Many successful school fundraisers involve selling tickets to fun events. Get the teachers together to hold a charity basketball game or invite your sponsors to donate a product for a silent auction. The more unique your fundraising ideas, the better, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Consider custom school fundraising ideas that utilize the strengths of the team or club you’re advocating for. If you’re fundraising for a school soccer team, rent a radar-equipped shooting cage and give everyone the chance to buy a ticket and compete for the fastest goal. With a little creativity and a modest budget, you can generate a nice bundle of cash.

Tips to Maximize Success

There are a few ways to create even more success around your fundraising ideas. If you want to generate more support:

  • Get parents involved. The more hands on deck, the better. Send out an email survey to find out the parents’ strengths. Maybe some parents are associated with a business that could become a sponsor. Other parents may have a background in marketing and be able to help you get the word out. Still other parents may be willing to go door to door to sell raffle tickets or event tickets.
  • Leverage school staff. Get coaches and teachers to donate time. Convincing the principal to crawl into a dunk tank or the math teachers to take on the English teachers in a volleyball game is a good way to drum up interest in an event. Teachers may also have a network of friends and family who are happy to support their students’ fundraising efforts by writing a check.
  • Plan ahead. Event planning should be done a few months in advance. Similarly, selling banner space or other advertising means ordering print materials — and this takes time. Create a plan at least 90 days before you plan to implement your school fundraising efforts. If you’re selling items, such as t-shirts, it’s better to get orders before you purchase the merchandise.

High school fundraising leaves a lot of room for flexibility and creativity. Get the kids involved to think of innovative ideas, and generate a plan several months in advance. With the help of teachers and parents, you can sell advertising and hold fun events to fund your program for the entire year.

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