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Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners give you great exposure for a low price! Made of 13oz gloss vinyl for indoor and outdoor use. All our banners come with grommets in all four corners and every 2’ so hanging them is a breeze.

Our most popular sizes

Qty 1 2 10 50 100 150
4 x 2 $18.80 $16.80 $14.40 $13.60 $12.80 $12.00
6 x 2 $28.20 $25.20 $21.60 $20.40 $19.20 $18.00
8 x 4 $75.20 $67.20 $57.60 $54.40 $51.20 $48.00

All sizes are in feet. Quantity discounts apply to exact designs only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl banners can be double or single sided and can be printed in a variety of ways. Vinyl banner material is classified by different weights, typically ranging from 9 oz per square yard to 22 oz per square yard. The more your vinyl weighs, the more likely it is to hold up under extreme outdoor conditions.

How do I clean the banner?

Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean and wipe dry. Try to stay away from strong chemicals, as they will rub away some of the color and material (like with any printed material).

What is the proper way to install a banner?

It is important to allocate the stress evenly and give the banner some flexibility in the wind. You will want to make sure that it is safe and secure for any weather conditions in an outdoor setting.

How long will a banner last?

This can be based on the usage and conditions that the banner is going to be used for. If it is being used for indoor events or parties, then chances are that it will last much longer than an outdoor banner that is going through a thunderstorm. We pride ourselves on the quality of material that we produce and these banners will last as long as you treat them right.