Stoney Creek High School
Raised $12,000, You Can Too!

This year Stoney Creek sold 20 sponsorship banners with the Signs Unleashed Sponsor Banner Program, raising $12,000.00 for the team. Exceeding their fundraising goal, the team was able to purchase new helmets and shoulder pads for the players.


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How They Made It Happen

As the cheerleaders held the “Go Cougars” sign, the football team came barreling through. The announcer welcomed the team and the fans cheered. Annette Lafave, president of the Stoney Creek High School football boosters, sat back and took it all in. The football season had begun. As she looked around the stadium, she saw all the support the community had given to her local school team.

“It is amazing how many businesses took part in the sponsor banner program.” Annette shared. Banner after banner hanging on the fence with different sponsors from the local pizzeria to a community dentist helped raise over $12,000 for the football team. The funds allowed the team to purchase a new helmet and shoulder pads for each player.

“The signage makes the stadium look wonderful and our sponsors are so happy with the quality and how vibrant the colors look on the signs.” Lafave commented. When asked if it was a difficult to raise the money Annette said, “No, the program was very easy, all you need is a few people to ask local companies to advertise their business by purchasing a banner. It’s that simple.”


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We can tailor a fundraising plan to fit your organization so you can raise a monster amount of money.

While sitting in the stands, Annette thought about the different types of fundraisers she has tried in the past. She had finally found one that was not time consuming and raised a lot of money for the team she loved so dearly. Lafave decided to fundraise with Signs Unleashed because she not only wanted to raise money, but also increase school spirit in the community. Annette shared with other organizations at her school about Signs Unleashed. She raved, “The product and the support from Signs Unleashed was above and beyond my expectations. The staff made me feel like I was their only client and made sure I was happy with my product.”

As the time on the game clock counted down. Annette felt satisfied and proud of the job the booster club did and looks forward to using Signs Unleashed next year.

The Signs Unleashed Fundraiser Program allowed the team to earn the funds for an unforgettable football season. Go Cougars!
Annette Lafave
President of Stoney Creek Football Boosters


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Signs Unleashed Fundraising offers you high quality products that will increase team pride, community involvement, and raise money for your organization.

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The sky's the limit with how much your team can raise! Look at the number of participating athletes you have in your fundraiser and think of a goal for how many businesses they should each target. On average, 25% of businesses that are asked to give a sponsorship will accept. Use our fundraising goal calculator to help set your team’s goal.


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All services for Signs Unleashed are free. You only pay for the cost of your materials. Our durable sponsor banners can be used year after year, so after the initial purchase of a sponsor banner, if your sponsor donates again the following year you won’t have to repurchase a banner. That means more fundraising for your team!

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