November 7, 2017

High School Fundraiser: How To Spread The Word About Your Fundraiser


How Do I Spread the Word About My High School Fundraiser?

Holding a high school fundraiser is an excellent way to ensure that programs can run effectively. However, in order for a fundraiser to be successful, people have to know about it. Spreading the work about every attempt to raise funds can be difficult. After all, parents with kids in high school already hear about many school events. This makes it tough to ensure that your fundraiser will stand out.

For coaches, teachers, administrators, etc. who want to run a successful high school fundraiser, the following ideas may help. These are effective strategies for spreading the word about an attempt to raise money. They can help ensure that an organization or event gets the proper amount of money it needs to flourish.

Use Email

Email is one of the most effective ways to reach people today because it is reached a wide audience. First, create an email newsletter that has information about the fundraiser. Send that email to the people that may want to donate: parents, board members, people in the community and more. A follow-up email just before the end of the fundraiser can also help serve as a last-minute reminder for people who have forgotten to donate.

Create a Fundraiser Website

Create a website for the fundraiser, and make sure that it contains all of the necessary information about the fundraiser. It should include information about the event (or gift) itself, what it’s benefiting and who is involved. Make raising funds easy by including a donate button or page because where people can give money via a tool like PayPal.

Distribute Flyers at Pickup and Drop-off Time

At a high school where parents drop off students in the morning and pick up students after school is over, prepare flyers that can be passed out. Then, have volunteers from the organization pass out flyers to every parents as they arrive. Drop-off and pickup time are great opportunities to fundraise because many parents actually physically visit the school. For those high school students who take the bus or drive, send flyers home to give to parents and relatives. Also, consider mailing the flyers to each student’s house via the mail.

Place an Ad in a Local Newspaper

Most people read the newspaper of their own town. Place an ad for a high school fundraiser in that newspaper and give details about how people can give or participate. By placing an ad in the local newspaper, organizations can reach an audience far beyond the people who are directly connected to the school.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Use the school’s social media pages to get the word out about a high school fundraising. Some of the best platforms for informing people about fundraising attempts including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Create interesting social media posts about the fundraising events. Include photos of the people involved, information about the products that are being sold and updates about how the fundraiser is doing. Social media is an excellent method for spreading the word about a fundraiser. Also, since information is easily shareable, which means that social media followers can easily help promote the fundraiser event to their friends and followers.

Invite VIPs for More Powerful Fundraising

For an organization that is holding an event as a fundraiser, invite a VIP to the event. This can help make more people want to attend and extend the reach of the event. Consider inviting a local politician, a celebrity who attended the school or another public figure. Have that person promote the fundraiser via their social media pages, and the number of people who know about the event can increase exponentially.

Use the School’s Network

There are many people involved in fundraising organizations, from faculty and staff to students and administrators. Have everyone involved target their network to spread the word about the fundraiser. This means that every person should personally contact the people they think might want to attend or be involved. When every person makes a personal effort to connect with people who can give, it makes the fundraiser seem more personal and exciting. In turn, this encourages more people to donate or take part.

Buy Online Display Ads

If there is a budget for promoting a fundraiser, an organization can purchase display ads on relevant websites. Try contacting local chamber of commerce websites, local news sites and more. Display ads will appear like a banner on the page, so that web users will see the ad while they’re browsing. By placing display ads on relevant websites, it’s possible to target the right people who may want to give to the fundraiser.

Holding a high school fundraiser is a great way to ensure that activities are successful, but getting the word out can be a challenge. By reaching out online and in person and having many people take part in the promotional process, it’s possible to ensure that word spreads wide and far about the fundraiser. 

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