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Magnetic Signs offer a non-permanent easy to install signage solution. Create amazing vehicle magnets with our easy to use art editor to add a great moving display to any vehicle!

Our most popular sizes

Qty 1 3 5 10 25 50 100
12 x 12 $14.75 $13.25 $13.00 $10.75 $10.25 $8.75 $8.50
18 x 12 $20.00 $19.50 $19.25 $18.75 $18.00 $17.75 $14.75
24 x 12 $25.00 $24.75 $24.50 $18.75 $10.75 $17.75 $17.00

All sizes are in inches. Quantity discounts apply to exact designs only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Magnets are great for any business or contractor trying to show off their information. You may have questions about properly installing and making sure your sign is seen by everyone.

How do I prepare my vehicle for my magnet?

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying your magnet. Attempt to keep your magnet and vehicle in a warmer atmosphere (like a garage). Magnets tend to stiffen up in colder conditions.

How do I remove and clean my magnet?

Make sure to not bend or crease the corners. Lift the magnet at the sides and not the corners. Once it is removed, you may use household cleaning products to remove any smudges, dirt, or access debris. If you clean your magnet once a week you will avoid magnetic polarization of the vehicle.

How should I store my sign?

Please store in a dry location and do not stack vehicle signs with other magnetic signs. The last thing you want is them touching each other. Also, do not store heavy objects on top of the magnets or against them. Proper storage of these signs will make them long-lasting