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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners give you great exposure for a low price! Made of 8oz mesh banner material for outdoor use. All our banners come with grommets in all four corners and every 2’ so hanging them is a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mesh banners are printed on a fabric material that is composed of tiny holes, which allow wind to pass through the banner without any damage to the banner. This is a great solution for an outdoor event or promotion. The material is flame retardant and resistant to air pollutants. Mesh banners are lighter and more convenient when it comes to traveling, setting up and taking down. Also, they are less likely to rip or tear during rough weather conditions.

How do I hang my banner?

You have the option of hanging your banner with zip ties, bungees, strings, twine, or rope. Mesh banners also have the pole pocket option, which allows you to securely hang your banner with easy using one of the options listed or an actual pole.

Are your mesh banners a matte or gloss finish?

A natural matte finish will appear on your printed banner.

Can I make a vertical banner instead of horizontal?

You do have the option with us to get a vertical or horizontal banner printed. Make sure that whatever design you submit, is created for the preferred choice.

How do I wash my banner?

Use a wet cloth on your banner to remove any dirt or dust. Please stay away from any chemical cleaners, as it may affect the color appearance.

How should I store my banner?

Roll up the banner and store it a safe and secure place that is dry and at room temperature.