How To

How does work? Here's a quick summary!

Ready to start your fundraiser?

1) Visit the "Products to Sell" page to get an idea of what you want to include in your fundraiser. You can include all of these products or limit the options to one or two of them. The choice is yours!
2) Once you've discovered the products you want for your fundraiser, open the "How it Works" page and find the Sign Up button to begin. Provide information about your organization and the type of fundraising products you want to make available.
3) Click submit and you're done! We will add your organization as an option when selecting a fundraising product within the next 24-48 hours. We will follow up with you throughout the process regarding any resources you may need and information about orders as they come in.

Ready to support your organization?

1) Visit the "Products" page and find the product(s) your organization has made available for their fundraiser.
2) Select your organization on the product page to contribute to your chosen fundraiser.
3) Check out and that's it! Depending on your organizer's preference, your order will either be distributed by them or shipped to your Shipping Address.