November 7, 2017

How to Get Parents Excited About Fundraising


How to Get Parents Excited About Fundraising Ideas

Having parents excited to fundraise for school events and organizations is essential because fundraising brings in the funds needed for a successful and enthusiastic school season. However, it can be difficult to get parents onboard with fundraising ideas — especially if they have to do it for multiple causes within a high school, or multiple times per year. Luckily, there are some things that elementary, middle, and high school organizations can do to get parents more excited about fundraising, help build excitement and bring in more funds. Here are some of the best ideas for boosting parent enthusiasm when it comes to fundraising.

Try Creative Prize Incentives

Many school fundraisers offer small gifts to students for raising funds, but to get parents excited, try offering them prize incentives, too. Consider offering gift cards, electronics, or even a cash prize for parents who raise a certain amount (or the parent who raises the most).

Offer Personalized, Unique Fundraising Products

It’s hard to get excited about another gift wrap sale — especially if your child’s already made it through 10+ years of school to high school. However, it’s more fun to fundraise with special products, such as items that have the school or team logo on them. By making the product more personal, it makes it easier for a parent to sell it and, therefore, makes them more likely to try. According to Kimberly Paris, the marketing manager for World’s Finest Chocolate in Chicago (a popular company who sells products for fundraising) offering “a product that truly represents them engages the student sellers and gets the parents and teachers involved.”

Sell Things Adults Can Get Excited About

One of the smartest fundraising ideas is selling things that adults are actually excited about, like tickets to a wine and cheese night, discounts at local restaurants, or class passes to local gyms. When you sell things that parents themselves would like to purchase, you make it easier for them to sell, and offering it to their friends feels more genuine. Fundraising experts at say that one of the best fundraising ideas is a Parents’ Date Night. Several restaurants in town give a percentage of what they sell back to a school or organization.

Get High School Students Excited, Too

It’s easier to get parents excited about fundraising ideas that their kids are also excited about. Eight-year PTA member and successful fundraiser Danielle Cappellino recommends fostering friendly competition between students during a fundraiser to build hype and get them talking about the fundraiser at home. For example, give a prize to the top selling student. Or, have the coach of school sports team set a team goal. If the goal is reached, the team gets a reward. By fostering excited students, you naturally end up with more excited parents.

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