November 6, 2017

School Fundraising Ideas that Work

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School Fundraising Ideas that Work

Fundraising is your school’s lifeblood — it keeps the lights on in the theater and your football players outfitted in new helmets. So, you have to get it right. When your fundraising efforts are effective, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and your students can perform at their best. Whether you’re fundraising for improved equipment or to rent a prom venue, here are some school fundraising ideas that work.

Sponsorship Drives

One way to get a serious commitment from the community is to offer a sponsorship drive. This form of fundraising offers multiple levels of giving, each with its own perks. For instance, Bronze Level sponsorship may include the giver’s name on all show programs and preferred seating on the opening night of the play/sporting event. Silver Level sponsorship may include additional perks like one free entry ticket or a sponsor T-shirt. Gold Level sponsors might also receive preferred seating at all events and a 10 percent discount on all concessions all year, Banner om stadium or arena.

Sponsorship drives are effective because they offer long-term benefits to sponsors and build a relationship with the people who are giving money to the school. Treat your sponsors well, and they may well up their sponsorship level the next year.

Visible Advertising

Selling ad space is also a smart fundraising idea for your school. Local businesses love the exposure advertising brings, and being associated with a school helps them build goodwill in the community. Advertising can take many forms — a lot of them creative! Offer to create a banner with the business’ name and hang it in the school gym, or add all sponsors and their contract information to your programs. You can even give parents a chance to advertise their kids! Sell parents and extended family large cutouts of their player to put in the front yard on game day.

Advertising is effective because it offers a clear benefit to sponsors. They get to build their customer base and build a positive reputation as a supporter of the school at the same time.

Sales Programs

Sometimes a good old-fashioned fundraising method is the way to go. Sales drives have proven effective — after all, everyone can unite around cookie dough or bags of savory popcorn. Working with an outside company that handles school fundraisers, all you need to do is order the brochures, order forms, and cash collection envelopes and send your students out into the community. The more the students sell, the higher your profit margin on the products you’re selling.

Food, clothing, and other sales fundraisers work because it only requires an easy one-time commitment from sponsors. Plus, they get something tangible out of it. Friends and family of students are often happy to give $10 toward a fundraising sale.

Oddball Events

Weird, outside-of-the-box school fundraising ideas always catch peoples’ attention. And they really catch on. Think of the “Movember” movement, where each November men are challenged to grow a mustache as they use an online fundraising page to raise money to help with men’s health issues. The oddball nature of the effort makes people want to get involved. For your school, you might have the teachers and coaches vow to wear the same shirt every day as long as sponsors continue to give money.

Oddball events work because they make people smile and are attention grabbing. People will want to participate and share the fundraiser on social media for fun.

Looking for a new way to fundraise? The best fundraising ideas for schools are innovative, offer a benefit to sponsors and can become an annual event. With some elbow grease and the support of your community, you’ll have the funds you need to run your programs in no time.

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