November 7, 2017

Different Ways to Say Thank You to Your Sponsors

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Different Ways to Say Thank You to Your Sponsors

All of the greatest sports stars were once teenagers without the support of their communities. Many of them would not be where they are today without their help and a simple thank you.

High school sports teams provide young athletes with the opportunity to thrive in a healthy and rewarding atmosphere. In order to take the team’s efforts to the next level, funding is often required.

This is where sponsorships come into play. These relationships do not, and should not, end after some cash has been banked. This initial investment in a team should be the beginning of an ongoing relationship. A simple thank you can go a long way in sustaining it.

The Importance of Sponsorship in High School Athletics

According to the International Events Group, 68.4% of American sponsorships are in the sports industry. Businesses often seek opportunities that increase public awareness. In return, high school athletics are benefiting. In many cases, these high school teams are untapped markets in terms of local marketing objectives.

It’s no secret that sponsorship is a vital support system within professional and collegiate sports. However, smaller, local companies are now using their advertising budgets to support secondary schools. This results in a win-win for both parties. Of course, for many community-based businesses, it’s also a rewarding experience.

Although these companies may have some underlying objectives related to marketing, sales or brand awareness, it’s still important that they are thanked. Without this level of funding, some students would not be able to participate in the sports that they love.

Sponsorship provides athletes with the financial support they require, while the sports team offers companies a chance to give back. It’s the type of relationship that keeps on giving, and it’s a two-way street.

The Benefits of Signage for High School Fundraising

There’s no better way to pique a company’s interest than to offer to plaster its name and logo within the school and across the community. The team and the players will be given a chance to participate and succeed, while the organizations and businesses will achieve greater exposure. School fundraisers can be tricky because teams can put on only so many bake sales. This is why schools and local businesses are beginning to see the perks of signage as a fundraising tool. Say for example, a high school football team is in need of new jerseys, but they lack the funding required. The team could go to local or national companies in order to seek support. When these teams approach companies, asking them if they’d like to purchase a sign, these businesses are seen as a community player, all while achieving positive exposure.

A banner with the company’s name could be placed in the auditorium for all the parents, teachers and students to see. It’s an easy sell, because everybody benefits. Whether players display custom signs on their families’ yards or on school property, it’s important to express gratitude for their sponsorship. A thank-you goes a long way.

How to Thank Sponsors

OK, so a team came up with a great fundraiser idea, put in the effort and secured funding, but what now? Maintaining partnerships with sponsors is critical, and in many cases, their generosity means the world to the teams and players on the receiving end. But how can teams say thank you without a budget themselves? Here are a few thank-you initiatives that are absolutely free.

• Offer special seating. Depending on the level at which teams are playing, there may be some very exciting season and championship games. Teams can show their appreciation by offering select seating to those who supported their dreams and efforts. This can be highlighted at the game itself, providing an opportunity for parents to thank sponsors as well.

• Speak on their behalf. At a large game, the coach or manager could speak on behalf of the company, sharing its story with the audience. They could hand out additional pieces of marketing material or even invite a representative to speak about the company’s involvement in the community.

• Write a thank-you letter. A simple thank-you letter could be written and signed by all the players. It allows the company to display their relationship inside the office. Once again, this helps the community become aware of the company’s involvement and willingness to support young athletes.

• Increase online awareness. If a team has a social media account(s), they could post a shout-out to their sponsors and share some of the company’s content. This should be personal and heartfelt to show the appropriate level of appreciation.

Build Lasting Relationships

Fundraising can be challenging. After funding is received and the hard work is done, that does not mean that the relationship is through. Once financial support is banked, this partnership provides both parties with an opportunity to benefit further.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember, “Anyone too busy to say thank you will get fewer and fewer chances to say it.”

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