How to Raise Money for your School Sports Team

Fans in the Stands

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What is the best way to raise funds for your school sports team? With Fans in the Stands! Give parents and students the opportunity to support their teams with their faces in the bleachers.

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No one wants to play for empty bleachers! So, let's fill the stands with custom cutouts!! Upload your picture, pay on-line, and your Fan in the Stands will be supporting your favorite player at the next game.

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No one wants to play for empty bleachers! So, let’s fill the stands with custom cutouts!



Fans in the Stands Fundraiser!

What makes this fundraiser different?
1. Family and team supporters will purchase personalized cutouts (Fan in the Stands) that the team organizer can put in the bleachers during games, tournaments, or for any occasion.
2. Each customized sign is $40.00 so your organization will make $14.00 per sign.
3. The team will receive 35% of what is sold.
Sell 100 fans in the stands at $40 and your organization gets $1400
4. Organizer will email teammates an information sheet, marketing flier and Fans in the Stands website link.
5. Players and team supporter will send marketing flier to family and friends. The website will explain in detail on what potential buyers will need to do to purchase a Fan in the Stands cutout. The buyer will sign-up, upload pictures, and pay.
6. When fundraiser is over all Fans in the Stands will be sent to the organizer and a check will be sent with the fundraising total.



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