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What is the best way to raise funds for your child's senior class? With our Senior Grad Packs! Give parents the opportunity to support their child's graduating class with their custom graduation package.

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Your student has made it! Make their special moment that much more memorable with our Senior Grad Packs. Upload a picture, pay on-line, and your Senior Grad Packs will be supporting your senior class.

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Senior Grad Packs Fundraiser!

What makes this fundraiser different?
1. Families will purchase personalized and custom Senior Graduation Packages to help them celebrate their graduate.
2. Each customized package raises money towards your graduating class.
3. Your graduating class will receive a portion of what is sold.
Sell 100 grad packs at $40 average and your class gets $4000
Sell 100 grad packs at $40 average and your class gets $4000
4. The senior class organizer will email the parents of the senior class an regarding information about this fundraiser and the Senior Grad Packs website link.
5. The parents will choose a package, upload a photo, and pay on-line. The website will explain in detail how to upload their picture and purchase their package.
6. When the fundraiser is over, a check will be sent with the fundraising total.


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