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Graduation Fundraiser | Grad Party Package
Graduation Yard Signs with Individual Letters Shapecut
Custom canvas and easel with graduate's photo
Example of a home with the Custom Banner and Shape Cut Yard Sign
Graduation Fundraising Custom Shape Cut Yard Sign
Custom High School Graduation Banner for Fundraiser
Centerpiece School Logos
Graduation Fundraiser | Grad Party Package

Graduation Fundraiser | Grad Party Package

Signs Unleashed

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Graduation Packages to Support Your Graduate and Raise Funds


2x Lawn Signs 18" x 24"  $75.00
1x Custom Banner 6' x 3'  $108.00
1x Custom "Signature/Best Wishes Board" 3' x 2'  $80.00
20x Decorative School Logo Centerpiece 8"  $60.00

36" Tall Numbers "2021" with "H" stakes +
Graduation Cap and Diploma Yard Signs with "H" stakes  $160.00

Where your money goes:

Regular Package Price: $483.00
Your Package Price: $295
Your Class Receives: $50

Banners and signs are customized with your school's colors.

REMEMBER: Your uploaded photo will be printed on a large scale so please use a high resolution image.
NOTE: Items purchased for fundraising are shipped to your class organizer.
NOTE: Items purchased without selecting a school will not contribute to any fundraiser.

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Frequently Answered Questions

 Why Signs Unleashed?
We use the highest quality materials to ensure that the products you purchase are excellent. Our team of friendly staff are here to help ensure that the orders and fundraisers are executed smoothly! 
Is the fundraiser program for schools only?
Nope, our fundraising program is flexible enough to accommodate any group or organization, not just schools! While our designs are often school-focused, our art team has experience creating signage for a variety of purposes and across a variety of industries.
How do I know if my photos are good enough?
We try our best to spot check all orders before they are printed, but the best way to ensure that you get the highest quality product is to upload a high quality image. High quality images are typically are at least 1MB and are originals. Taking screenshots are not high enough quality to blow up to the size they are needed.
What's the best way to take a photo?
When you are taking a photo, most new smart-phones take high enough quality images.  Make sure to click to focus the photo when taking it, and usually more light is the rule of thumb. Using a flash is a good idea. You can also use a digital camera to take the photo. 
How long till I receive my Order?
Fundraiser orders are held until the fundraiser deadline so they can all be distributed around the same time. Most of our products include some degree of customization so we give our art department about a week to process orders. After that, typically ground shipping can be anything between 1-5 business days. 
How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated in real time to give you the best rate. Fundraisers may choose to have a free shipping option for bulk shipments or local pickup.
Do I have to upload my photo with the image cropped?
No, we do all the heavy lifting! All we need you to do is upload the photo you would like and to let us know in the notes section anything you think we should know.
Do you do bulk orders?
Yes! We love to work with people on bulk orders. Contact us at and we will work with you on your order.
Is your question not listed?
Contact us at and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.